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 Moving is way more work than I expected, but we're making progress. We have all our kitchen stuff unpacked, so we've been able to eat, which is good. Actually, most of the things we can unpack have been. The rest needs to wait until we get the furniture delivered and other such things. Even though I didn't expect it to be this much work, I feel like we're moving a little quicker than expected. I blame my Mom, because she's so into her house and how it looks and the way it's decorated. If it wasn't for her being so excited to get things up and running, we probably wouldn't be working so fast. 

Went to Church this morning with my parents. I'm going through some weird feelings about that stuff, but I'll save it for another time. Afterward we grabbed some breakfast and then went back home to do more work. Kev has been acting up about it, but I don't blame him. We've been here a few days and all we've seen is the inside of our house, church and IHOP. I want to go to the beach and see what's around. I want to see what my new school looks like. I DON'T want to be spending the rest of my summer hanging around the house waiting for furniture to show up. 

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