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skater_ryan's Journal

19 August
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What's there to say? I think you'll get a lot more out of my journal than you will out of a few sentences that say nothing. In case you need something to entice you to read it, here's 10 pieces of info about me:
1. I love to skateboard. Even if I'm not that good at it, I have so much fun skating and really want to get better.
2. I'm moving from my home in Ohio to California later this summer. I have more mixed feelings on that than you know.
3. I am a huge nerd. I play videogames and read comic books. I watch the news almost every day and am big into reading.
4. I am 100% opposed to pants that fit so tight they look like they were painted on.
5. I really try to be cool and nice about everybody unless they give me a reason not to.
6. The above doesn't mean that I'm above laughing at people for dumb stuff, just playing around.
7. I like to think I manage to be a good Christian without being too preachy or boring.
8. That's all I could think of for now.
9. I have a tendency to leave some stuff half done.